Brief tips to become a better Android Developers

Brief tips to become a better Android Developers

As we know, being an Android developer is easy. But to be a successful developer requires a lot of hard work, passion, dedication, and perseverance to be great at the job.

In this article I will discuss how to be a better android developer with the following tips:

1. Get to know the Android framework more in

Many developers who are afraid to dive deep into the Android framework. By studying the Android framework we can see how Android works from within and associated with the layers that we see. If you want to start learning the Android, the Android framework to systematically begin to add new insights.

2. Don't be afraid to try

Android it's very broad. We can't fully learn in no time. The more we learn, the more we can understand. As a beginner, it's very normal when we are afraid of losing important information by trying to learn everything. Learn the things that we need to start making Android apps that want to be created

3. Multiply the reading code

Many Android programmers less take the time to read program code written by the programmer other Android. Most of them spend their time just writing what they already know. Without we realize it's not going to help us to grow as complete Android developers. How to cope with it to actually become a better developer is to read the code developers experienced better.

4. Learn more languages

We have to learn new programming languages other than Java. We need to follow the trend of development of the technology which is warm in the IT industry. Don't just limit me to Android instead. By learning a new language we will open up new perspectives, get new ideas, as well as help, enhance the capabilities of Android development significantly. 

5. Learn the Java design pattern

A design pattern provides a way to solve a common problem with techniques that have been obtained by the expert programmer since long ago. Now to learn the usual nurturing found we didn't have to invent new techniques, we can use existing techniques primarily in Java. Maybe we actually already uses a design pattern to create Android applications but does not realize it. If not aware we can resolve problems encountered, what if conscious?

6. Start contributing to open source community

If readers have developed libraries, plugins, or other code sections that function and use it in your own applications, consider releasing its source code. This is one of the best ways of contributing to the open source community. With the release of the plugin to the public, we also have increased the value of the self as a great developer. If can not release the source code, we can still contribute by helping to write documentation, fix bugs, or write some tests. Even the smallest contribution (such as repairing some grammatical errors in the document) will be very helpful to the project so that the project manager.

7. Master IDE

Start spending the time to understand IDEAS that we use: Android Studio. There are many cool features and shortcuts hidden in the IDEA that most developers don't even try to find.

Make it a habit to find new and better ways to make IDEAS work for us to increase productivity in your work.

8. Create a Software with the right architecture

It is very important to apply a nice architecture for our application with MVP or MVVM. Separate your business logic of our application, interaction, and data so that the program becomes more manageable and easy to test.

9. Learn guide writing a proper Android code

Readers certainly can't ignore it, because it is difficult to maintain a standard coding guidelines Android development while working with developers who do not write code neatly. We should not need to spend more than a few hours to learn the most basic Android coding guidelines.
10. Take the time to learn Android
To provide excellence to other developers and build a nice application and it works well, the reader should learn some Android development practice best. Learn what they should do and what should not be done in making android apps so that we become Android programmers are able to make the application better than the other.
11. Use free time effectively by listening to the podcasts

Try to use the time Readers more effectively. While exercising, driving, or cooking, our brains don't do a lot of things. This time we can make use of them by listening to the podcast.
12. Try to learn about design

As a developer, the main focus is on learning to write better code. But if readers want to be developers who complete, readers should be able to take the time to learn and understand the design of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) as well. Try to interact more with the UI and UX Designer on the team to add a better insight into your application design.

13. Start being perfectionist

Never satisfied with making a product. Try always to get the best product version by continuing to make improvements. Being a perfectionist doesn't mean we just released a product that has been perfect. Being a perfectionist it means we're never satisfied with products that have been produced so that want to continue to create better products.
14. Consistency is the key to success

If readers want to be successful as a developer (or anything else in life), then the reader should be consistent. Do something for a few days or weeks and then stopped will not take you everywhere. Do not be fickle. Try to visualize where you want to be Android developers in the next few years and sticking one on your goals, whatever the challenges that will be faced.

It is very easy to start something but very hard to continue to do so with the same passion and dedication for a long time.

15. Start with small things

As a developer, the reader should always try to solve all the problems or complex features that are a component of the face reader is small, simple, independent and can be understood and can be solved easily and quickly.

Do not feel overwhelmed by the initial size or complexity of a project. All of that can be resolved so the readers are on the right track. Start small, and then slowly.
16. always have a project exercises

Have a project in progress can completely change the way reader learn something. If readers find something new in the Android somewhere, make it a habit to immediately try them in projects that are currently under cultivation.

Suppose a reader found an interesting Android library somewhere. Rather than just reading the documents and fire, the reader must test it in practice. This will provide an understanding of the library that much better and profound.
17. Expand the test

Testing will help readers to build trust across the code reader. Don't make the mistake of ignoring the testing or consider it optionally giving rise to a regression bug.
18. Consider adopting TDD

When developing an application, consider making the choice of an efficient way to build it so that it can stand the test of time. Consider following turnarounds "red-green-refactor" from test development (TDD). First, write a test case that would fail (red), and then write the code that will make the test pass (green), and then optimize (refactor).
19. Do the automation

As a developer, try to do things automatically, such as repeated checking of the quality of the application and release of the application.

To perform the automation code quality checking can be done with tools like CheckStyle, PMD, FindBugs, and Lint. We can run the code quality checking before doing a release APK to Play Store or distribute it in any other way that is in want.
20. Learn about reactive programming

If readers want to increase expertise as developers Android, certainly should consider trying reactive programming. This forces the reader to think in a completely different way when building applications. Memepelajari reactive programming can help Readers to write interactive applications faster and make life Readers become more easy and fun.
21. learn Kotlin

Kotlin programming language officially announced to become the second language for Android at Google i/o 2017. Since then, interest in the language has been skyrocketing. This language provides a fresh breeze into the world of Android development.

This is good news for Android developers who are tired of working on the old Java application, verbose, and error-prone. Try and see whether the Kotlin is able to light the fire of new inspiration in you.

22. More socialize with other developers

Programmers tend to be introverted and likes to sit in the corner with our computers, our own world. Try getting out of my comfort zone and expand interactions with other programmers. There are many things to learn when readers attend the event technology or when readers speak with other programmers who have the same interests.

23. Learn keyboard shortcuts

Every action done on Android has a specific shortcut, if not an action is not available we can define them themselves. The use of shortcuts will help reduce development time significantly. It will probably take a long time considering the shortcut Android Studio since the result will be very beneficial.

24. Try to learn new things every week in Android

As we know the world of Android, there are many things to learn and understand. But everything will be easier if readers make the commitment to learn one new thing on Android every week.

Readers should make a list of all the things that do not know, give priority to them, and try one by one each week. As time went on, the reader will find the way out from where Reader starts.

25. Consider running two versions of Android Studio

Save the stable version of Android Studio for doing all the important things that need to be done every day. Consider also to save a version of canary, or beta version of Android the newest Studio. There are many new and exciting features that are in beta or canary that does not yet exist in a stable version. Since the beta version or the canary may still have bugs, while things are not happening, the stable version is always ready.

26. A Review of third-party libraries

We like to use the library, but frequently review all third-party libraries that have readers add and remove are not needed anymore. If you only use a small portion of a particular library, consider using only the needed part.

27. Learn how to a better way to do the refactoring

Don't make the mistake of doing refactoring large codebase at once. Instead, consider refactoring to perform part of the codebase which needs Readers working on now and slowly progressed to other parts when needed. Consider also the writing test cases for Screen Readers want to refactor before touching any code that may damage the existing functions.

28. Always develop and test on low-end devices

If readers want to develop applications like a pro, stop making mistakes in developing and testing your applications on the device's upper class only. Generally, developers have a high-end smartphone and use it to develop applications too.

Make it a habit to develop applications on the cheapest and lowest. Readers will start to see a lot of flaws in applications that are not in the know before. In this way, we can prepare an application for a segment of a larger world population who do not have the best Android device.

29. Buy computer best fit the capabilities

As programmers, we need to be careful in purchasing the machine work of good quality so as not to cause a fatal error. Consider using a MacBook because the benefits will help developers. However, if you don't have enough budget need not impose to buy it.


Hopefully, these tips can inspire the reader to keep the spirit of learning and enhance the capabilities of Android developers so it can be better in the future.