Definition Of Hacker According To Mark Zuckerberg

Definition Of Hacker According To Mark Zuckerberg

The term 'hacker' currently, in General, is always seen in a negative context. There is no denying anymore that describe the media contribution to the figure of the hacker as a crime became quite influential in the eyes of the community. Recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg share his writings which he wrote in the year 2012 the year in which the new Facebook can be enjoyed by the public audience.

Zuckerberg also admitted that in fact, the term hacker has become a negative connotation on the PIN in the ' unfair ' to the person trespassing on a machine belongs to someone.

"In reality, the hacking activity means building things quickly or try the limits of what can be done. As with most things, the activity hack-can also be used for good or evil, but the majority of hackers I've ever encountered was the idealist who would like to give a positive impact on the world. "said the founder of Facebook.

An understanding of the word ' hacker ' pun has now changed from someone who lives isolated sitting in front of computers, slipped in the lives of others or stealing confidential data to be someone who tries to get things done quickly and efficiently.

According to Zuckerberg, hacking activity is something "very attached to experience practice and disciplined." First, a hacker will build a prototype of an idea to see if it works or not compared to see the possibilities of success. They focus on the details, working on a small looping. Finally produces a product or service that is better again from time to time. And to do this, Facebook has thousands of testing framework in which thousands of versions of Facebook is ready to be checked at any time.

Everything said above is the positive picture of being a hacker. So far the negative version was well known, some people are more comfortable calling them crackers.

Zuckerberg believes the hacker culture has been around for a long time, mostly in association with computer programming. We can smell the presence of hacker culture since 1960 when a series of jokes going on at MIT.

People who refer to themselves as hackers try to demonstrate their intellectual capabilities through a series of activities worth hacking. And that includes doing things that other people thought was impossible.

Definition Of Hacker According To Mark Zuckerberg

So far the definition of a hacker who has been documented by the jargon is "a love to explore every detail of the system being programmed and stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer learning only the minimum of required. "

It has also been known to the definition given by the hacker jargon file cannot be called an official glossary the jargon file, however, technology has had enough influence since its existence. So is there any among you who are interested in this field coder? in particular the field of system security.