Get To Know The Technology Of Machine Learning

Get To Know The Technology Of Machine Learning

The History Of Machine Learning

Since the first computer created man is already thinking of how the computer can learn from the experience. It is proven in the year 1952, Arthur Samuel created a program, a game of checkers, on an IBM computer. The program can study the movement to win a game of checkers and store the movement into its memory.

The term machine learning is basically a computer process to learn from the data (learn from data). In the absence of data, the computer will not be able to learn anything. Therefore, if we want to learn machine learning, will surely continue to interact with the data. All knowledge of machine learning will certainly involve data. The data could have been the same, but his different approach and algorithms to obtain optimal results.

Learning Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the branches of the discipline of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) which deals with the construction of a system that is based on the data. A lot of things to learn, but there are basically 4 things the subject studied in machine learning. 
  1. Learning Directional (Supervised Learning)
  2. Learning Misguided (Unsupervised Learning)
  3. Learning Directional Semi (Semi-supervised Learning)
  4. Reinforcement Learning
To find out more information about Machine Learning, comrades can follow a course in Coursera with instructor Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford University.

The Application Of Machine Learning

Examples of the application of machine learning in life are as follows.
  1. The application in the field of medicine examples is detecting disease person from existing symptoms. Another example is detecting heart disease from recording an electrocardiogram.
  2. in the field of computer vision, for example, is the application of face recognition and face such labeling on facebook. Another example is the translation of the handwriting into text.
  3. in the following information retrieval example is the translation of languages using computers, change the voice to text, and filter spam email.
One of the techniques of machine learning deployment is a supervised learning. As discussed earlier, machine learning without the data it will not be able to work. Therefore the first thing prepared is data. Data will typically be divided into two groups, namely data training and testing data. Training data will be used to train the algorithm to find a suitable model, while the data testing will be used to test and know the model performance is obtained at the stage of testing.

From a model obtained, we can do the predictions are differentiated into two types, depending on the type of output. If the prediction results are discrete, then the process is called classification.
For example the classification of gender views of handwriting (the output of both men and women). While if the outputs are continuous, then it is called the regression process.
For example prediction of the price range of homes in the city of Newyork (output in the form of home prices).

Impact of Machine Learning in the community

The application of machine learning technology inevitably must have felt right now. There is at least two mutually contradictory impact of development technology machine learning. Yes, the impact of positive and negative effects.

One of the positive impacts of machine learning is becoming an opportunity for the entrepreneur and technology practitioners to continue to work in developing the technology of machine learning. Terbantunya activity to do humans also became one of the positive impacts of machine learning. For example, a spell-checking feature is the existence of each language in Microsoft Word. Checking manually would take days and involve a lot of power to get the perfect writing. But with the help of the spelling checking features in real time, we can see the errors that occur when typing.

But besides that, there are negative effects we should beware. The existence of labor cuts, because the job has been replaced by machine learning technology, is a problem that must be faced. Coupled with dependence towards technology will be increasingly felt. More people will fall asleep by the ability of his gadgets so forget to learn to do an activity without the help of technology.