Get to know what is the Web API

Get to know what is the Web API

Maybe some of us wondering, what the hell API uses it? What causes API was so popular and widely used? How does API? To answer these questions then let us discuss in detail one by one.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and allows developers to integrate the two parts of the application or different applications simultaneously. API comprises a variety of elements such as function, protocols, and other tools that allow developers to create applications. The purpose of the use of API is to speed up the process of development by providing a function separately so that developers do not need to create a similar feature. Application of API will be very pronounced if the desired trait is already very complicated, indeed takes time to make a similar to that. For example integration with the payment gateway. There are various types of API system which can be used, including an operating system, library, and the web.

Get to know what is the Web API

API, who works at the operating system level help applications communicate with the base layer and each other to follow a set of protocols and specifications. The example illustrates the specification is a POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface). By using standard POSIX application, compile it for working on a particular operating system may also work on other systems which have the same criteria. Software library also has an essential role in creating compatibility between different systems.

Applications that interact with the library must follow a set of rules defined by the API. This approach makes it easy for software developers to create applications that communicate with different library without having to rethink the strategies used during all library according to API. Another advantage of this method is demonstrated how easy it is to use the same libraries with different programming languages. 

As the name suggests, the Web API inaccessible via HTTP protocol, this is a concept, not a technology. We can make the Web API using different technologies like PHP, Java, NET, etc. For example, Rest API from Twitter provides access to read and write data by integrating Twitter into own applications.

Web Feature API

To make the Web API, a few things that should be provided is:
  1. Support the function of the CRUD that works via HTTP protocol with method GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.
  2. Has the response HTTP Header and Accept status code.
  3. The response format is JSON, XML or any format you want. But most used in JSON format.
  4. Supports features such as routing MVC, controllers, action results, filters, models, the IOC container, etc.
  5. Web API can run on Apache, or other web server supported appropriate programming languages used.
Web API as a web address (endpoint) is made to handle multiple task appropriate request is received, also sometimes have a parameter as the required data to display the desired results, even in some cases for accessing the API needed authentication codes which had been allowed to see the data that you want. All the rule is determined by the programmer who created it.

The difference the Web API and Web Service

Often I get questions about what the heck is the difference between web API and web service? Here is the difference between the two:
  1. All web service using API but not all API be used as web service
  2. Web service facilitates to perform the interaction between two devices or applications over the network. While API acts as a liaison between two different forms so that it can communicate with each other either with or without a system.
  3. Web service using just three styles, i.e., REST, SOAP or XML-RPC to communicate while the API can use any method.
  4. Web service always requires the network to operate while API does not still need the system to its operations.
Get to know what is the Web API


With this short article at least you already understand what API be used. The method of the approach that is used to communicate with API using protocols we've written above still belongs to a commonly used protocol, and there are still much more yet we write as the development. As for how to make API will be discussed in the next article depending on what programming language being used.