Here are some Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Here are some Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Google develops Android is an Open Source operating system. That way, you can freely install various applications from a variety of sources, or even create your app for Android. Not only that, but you can also get the privilege of signing into your Android smartphone system do root.

In Syachro.NET, yet there is an article on how to root Android smartphone, maybe next time we'll discuss how to root android. Well, this time the Syachro.NET will explain why we need doing root Android?

The Reason Why Should Be Root Android

Vendors locked bootloader Android smartphone line with the aim to prevent we entered too deeply into his system. This is to protect Smartphones that we use in order not to damage the system due to careless actions. It cannot be denied, however, that by doing root Android then we can do a variety of things to maximize the functions of Android.

1. Remove the Default Application

How to Remove the Default Application Android

The default application, also known as bloatware application is embedded systems vendor pre-canned on our Android smartphone. Its impact, indeed our smartphone so having allotted storage space is narrower than correctly. Well, by doing the Android root, then you can remove this bloatware with ease. So your Android memory has plenty of free storage space.

2. Backup and Restore all applications

How to Backup and Restore all applications Android

One way to keep the performance of Android is to do a Factory Reset regularly. Well, would bother if every exhausted Factory Reset should reinstall all applications, so it is better to use backup Application Titanium Backup. To perform backup and restore all the Android apps you with Titanium Backup you have to have root access, so it is essential that the Android root for secure backup and restore. Not just applications installed, you can backup the log calls, WiFi, and all the data in the Android system.

3. Attach the Custom Recovery

Here are some Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

All Android smartphone provided Recovery Mode that allows you to perform various special orders on the Android system. However, the default System Recovery Mode is insufficient, so you should use a Custom Recovery.

With a Custom Recovery so you can easily install the system applications, make changes to the system and so on. Many of the Custom Recovery you may have often heard, as TWRP, Phillz Recovery, CWM, and more. And you need root access to install a custom recovery on Android.

4. Custom ROM

Bored with Android you are long because it looks ordinary and already cannot support the latest operating system updates again? You can use a Custom ROM to experience using ROM smartphones other on Android for you.

How to Custom ROM on my Android

With a Custom ROM, you not only will get a new look but can also use the latest operating system (as ROM), to the system features brought by the Custom ROM you use. To be able to use Custom Android ROM, you must have the root and installed Custom Recovery.

5. The control Kernel and CPU

By doing root Android on you, you can do so later overclok CPU smartphone you. Overclock it means forcing the processor to break above its ability, run faster than the default specification provided by the vendor. What are the advantages overclock the CPU? That is an Android you so much faster performance. Even with control of the Kernel, you can make you more efficient Android smartphones battery and RAM.

6. Avoiding Wakelock

Wakelock is a State wherein the system woke up by applications which continually runs in the background. Some applications default system always cause this condition. Consequently, the Android you so wasteful battery and RAM due to applications that use resource smartphone you though are not used. The reason why Android should be at the root is to avoid things like this, using apps like Greenify which will make the application goes into hibernation mode when not in use.

How to Avoiding Wakelock on Android Smartphone

To find out what caused the application Wakelock, you can use the app Wakelock Detector. You can download this application at the PlayStore.

7. Edit Build.prop

How to Edit

One way to maximize the performance of Android smartphone Android you are by way of editing the file build located in /system/build.prop. This directory can only be accessed with the using file manager which features the ability to access the root directory, like Root Explorer. In the build prop., you can change the look About, tweak your battery, memory, and more to maximize the performance of Android.

8. Save the Power button

How to Save the Power button on my Smartphone Android

By doing root Android, you can save an Android application using the Power button Quick Reboot. Why should Android Power button be protected? Because in addition to switch on and off button Power smartphone, Android has many other functions.

Well, that last few reasons why do root on the Android was important. Although it is indeed at risk eliminating warranty, no need to fear, you can also do the unroot with easy. Well, what you're interested in doing to root your Android?