How To Play Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

Hello Brother, this time we will talk about how to play Mobile Legends special rookie. Why do you need to know? This is basic so that you understand about this game before you go a step further and this tutorial is a common version, everyone has different basic principles, but this you can make a reference.

MOBA game Mobile Legends this similarly to the online PC game Dota. For the players to play the game Dota MOBA Smartphones Mobile Legends this is not a difficult thing, because of the gameplay the same as Dota. 5 vs. 5, contains 3 Line, and the goal of destroying the enemy's headquarters/fountain. But for beginners who have never played the game Dota in the PC must be very hard to play the game Mobile Legends.

That's why I made this Post just so you guys the gamer who wants to play this game, in particular, is not DOTA player in order to play this game well. I myself is not a person who meant well in playing DOTA or Mobile Legends, I just want to share the knowledge that I have, because sharing is a wonderful friend.

Before we start the tutorial we should know in advance whether the type Game Mobile Legends? This is not the type of RPG games that should be leveling and farming hours' duration, and this not the type of game strategy that makes the base to defend and create soldiers to attack, and this is not an Action Game Fighter who duel 1 vs. 1.
Mobile Legends this type of game including MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), 5 vs. 5 with the large selection of character (hero), when we play new we were treated to a choice of hero, there are many options with this type of hero-type. There Are Fighters, Mage, Tanker, Marksman, Support, Assassin.

Let's get started:

1. Pick a Hero

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner
While the selection of the hero try to see a hero in select thy teammate, because most players choose new hero without looking at what the hero is chosen by my teammates, if thy teammates choose friends tanks, Fighter, Mage, Assassin, then choose the type of the hero has not been in such a pick marksman and support. We recommend that you select the Marksman because without the marksman teams will have trouble when the war later. If they have selected team, tanks, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, you are free to choose what type of hero who would use. The bottom line for the hero must support each other and see what type of less in your team and hero type team what it needs.

2. Items

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

For the selection of items I only share outline only, for the item per hero I will discuss later in the other Postings. The selection of an item depends on Hero used: 
  • Marksman recommended items: select the burst damage 
  • Mage: choose the recommended items burst damage 
  • Tanker: choose the recommended items durability
  • Fighter: choose the recommended items continuous damage 
  • Support: choose the recommended items support team/durability
  • Assassin recommended items: select the dash, damage
For beginners, we recommend using item recommended first just to understand the usefulness of the item. For item selection manually more palatable. Will be discussed in other Posts.

3. Line

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

When the game had already started select line which has not been in the family's hero. The Division of the hero in the Line typically over 2, Central 1, down 2. To the Division Line tried to mutually support hero, hero melee (close) try side by side with the hero range (distance). For a regular already play select line has become a regular thing because it already knows where the Line is needed. Try on the Line keep tower, when both in Line and the blood was already thin all should not return to base all, 1 keeps in the Tower (try to keep the distance from the enemy) so that the tower not quickly destroyed the enemy.

4. Playing Techniques

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

Remember this is just a game so there's no need to be afraid to die while playing facing your opponent if the dead could still calm respawn, but try to do so ATM (dead many times by the enemy). Keep your distance, tau motion rising enemy, and memorized the skill possessed enemy hero while dealing in Line will make us know when to attack and when to Dodge.

Use of advanced techniques. The point forward to last hit minions backward, forward and then backward minion hits this is done so that we are safe from enemy attacks. If we only hit enemy minions while there before we can be in the direct attack by the enemy. Remember having to wait do not directly attack the enemy, because we need gold to build items so fast so.

Attack the enemy hero certainly, when using the hero range better attacking the enemy especially when confronting the enemy mage types in our line, hit the enemy approaching when minion hits the enemy hero with a regular attack or with a skill and then retreat to keep your distance. If successfully attacked enemy hero until their dying HP don't get carried away remember lust to kill because the enemy will surely run into the tower they are if our HP still Full and HP the enemy actually dying and still within range of our hit better in the squad through the position already in the tower. But if our HP half or below half it's not forced later even those of us who were killed got hit tower.

5. Jungling

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

While playing the minutes beginning at Line do not look for gold on the Line only. Moreover, conditions on the Line of the enemy we face the type of Mage and marksman (Range), because the minutes earlier met in Line with the hero of this type we go be tormented to find Gold. Therefore, when approaching enemy minions to tower 5 minion, minions waiting we attack up in the middle between the tower and the tower of the enemies and then go to the forest and kill the monsters in the jungle (the term Juggling), when approaching an enemy minion tower, we went back to Line and 5 enemy Minions return, if the monster in the forest already respawn back should again so that faster Juggling get gold.

6. Mapping Map

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

The screen showed us in left position friends and enemies, it is important to always pay attention to the Map, we can see in the Map is a friend we need the help or not, and we note in a Map if the enemy appears in the Map or not. When the enemy does not appear in the Map we should be more careful, especially when we're juggling who knows the enemy are attacking us so have to stay alert with regard for the Map.

Having regard to the Map we can help our team to kill the enemy hero in their Line. Monitor a Map view which Line was dealing with an enemy who has small or easy HP to kill, silently we approached the Line friends and wait for the right time (when the enemy hero forward away from the tower he is) then attack en masse with your friend.

7. the Tower

How To Play The Game “Mobile Legends” Special Beginner

In order to win we should be spending the existing tower in Line (not all Line must be Destroyed) up to the Tower base in the Center of the enemy. Remember the main goal is to destroy the enemy base not too ardent Kill the enemy continued to forget to keep the Tower itself. Remember the teamwork is very important in this Game you guys can't go solo opponent 5 enemies at once, even though the item you already so keep solo vs. 5 definitely lose so stay with my friend and the other team.

Well Hopefully that last can help you in playing "mobile Legends", later you will develop your own appropriate willingness you.