Learn Android Programming using Java or Kotlin?

Learn Android Programming using Java or Kotlin?
Kotlin is a programming language that was introduced in January 2011 by JetBrains. It is created with a single purpose, increase productivity across the enterprise.

Because at that time the JetBrains is still 100% use Java throughout the project, then they make it so Kotlin have interoperability against a Java language (can call Java code from the Kotlin and vice versa). Kotlin with various benefits begins to attract interest. developers Android already giddy face the trials of the use of Java. Then, at the Google i/o event 2017 then, Kotlin officially supported Android application development language via Android Studio, exploding popularity of Kotlin lah since then.

With the support of the new language as a means of developing Android applications many people, especially those new to the Android world, wondering, "what language should I use to learn Android applications? What is the Kotlin? Or stick with Java? "


For someone who is totally new in the Android world and wanted to try learning to make application for it, then the author's advice remains to learn Java. Why?

Because it is still new, learning resource belongs to Kotlin is still very limited. The majority of tutorial/sample code is still available only for Java so that when imposing learning Kotlin, in the beginning, could complicate the learning process. Moreover, most of the project still uses the Java language so when worked into developer Android and meet with the project-project old we can still do it well.

In addition to the Java code converter, Kotlin is already working extremely well, but not vice versa.


If it can make its own Android applications with Java, the authors believe the developer can surely learn the Kotlin independently more quickly. This happens because developers already feeling how hard her using Java so when meeting with one, feels what Kotlin-what is proud of the Kotlin.

Because it has a 100% interoperability Kotlin with Java we can change the program code from Java bit by bit while learning. For example, the Adapter class is created using the Kotlin but his Activity still created using Java, things like this can be done with the Kotlin. And again as already mentioned above that Java converter to Kotlin already works really well so that the process of switching, later on, could be done more smoothly.

Hopefully, this article can help readers who want to learn Android programming in selecting the language. Reader Syachro.NET itself does already exist that use the Kotlin?