Reasons Why You Should Use The Framework Laravel

Reasons Why You Should Use The Framework Laravel

Laravel is one of the best PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell. As a PHP framework, Laravel is present as a web development platform that is open source. The Laravel is the expressive and elegant is designed specifically to facilitate and accelerate the process of web development.

Although Laravel is not the only PHP framework that is widely used but could be an option that could be considered. Here are a few reasons why you should use the Laravel framework:

Easy & Complete Documentation

The platform is attractive and easy to use. If you are not an expert in the field of web development, but you have a basic understanding of PHP is good, then you will easily understand its structure, because the provided documentation belongs into the excellent documentation, neat, easy and clear.

Open Source

Laravel is an open source framework that can be used for free which allows you to create web applications that are large and complex. Only by building on the editor and web server that has PHP installed, to begin with.

MVC Architecture

Using the MVC pattern, we can make a cleaner code structure where the pattern of separating logic and view. MVC architecture can improve performance, has several built-in functions (is a function which can be directly used), writing better documentation.

Blade Templates

The other interesting thing is Laravel owned Blade templates, in addition to unique is also very pretty so that drawing attention to use. One example is to use the Template the template can chart the Blade that you have by dividing it into sections so that it becomes easier for maintenance. In the official documentation, Laravel mentions two benefits of using blade templates, namely: inheritance (inheritable) and section.

Feature Migration

Migration is one of the main features of which are owned by Laravel. With migration allows you to maintain your own database structure without having to make it back. Migration allows you to write PHP code to set up the database. With migration anyway you can restore some of the last change you made to the database. Isn't cool it?


Laravel gives you some important options that can be used to make your application remains secure. Laravel using PDO ORM that can prevent SQL Injection. Have a csrf token protection and many other things.

A Great Community

One of the things that ought to be considered in choosing a framework if you belong to the new in using the framework is to choose the framework that has been supported by a large community, because in this way you can easily learn and search for the solution to any problems that you may find in the future. 

There are much more things that are very interesting from a Laravel that will leave you impressed by its use. Laravel also was known as the Magic framework because it has weapons mainstay: artisan. Before you determine the choice, there is no harm if you peer documentation.

Quite a few of the key points why you should use the Laravel framework. The reason this is not meant to represent all users Laravel but can be made into consideration. Maybe useful and artisan.