Reference for learning the Framework 2 VueJS

Reference for learning the Framework 2 VueJS
Framework 2 VueJS

Who would not know VueJS? One of the Javascript frameworks that are currently popular is because of its appeal. VueJS is a progressive framework for building user interface design to adapt to the core library and only focus on the view layer only. Well, for those of you who are interested in learning VueJS but difficult to find references to learn gradually, we share information four cool places to learn VueJS 2 for free.

Jeffrey Way beside as an instructor in the material about VueJS 2 in the form of a screencast, also known as a developer of the legend behind the growth of the Nettuts + or now known as, and has a significant influence the community of web developers.

Delivery of a very clear and easy to understand, reviewed one by one from the basic. So if you're looking for reference learning VueJS, it doesn't hurt to stop in this screencast. 

Devmarketer made a video tutorial learn VueJS not less impressive, for delivery starting from basic VueJS 2 and switch to the level of advanced functionality, such as request API External using Axios. Very helpful for those of you new to VueJS and View Model pattern. VueJS User Guide

For those of you who do not like or are not accustomed to learning to use video, then other options could learn to use the text. No need to search because the answer is very much close, yes! is the official website of VueJS which comes with a complete set of documentation and neat so that it is easy to understand.

Add a reference for those of you who are not accustomed to learning to use video and then the SitePoint reference may be an option to learn VueJS. Tutorial submitted is at the level of advanced, such as the workflow to create custom components and combined it with the WebPack and Vue-loader. Please note, that you need a knowledge of ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) to be able to follow it, but the news Laracast excited already discuss it, so could be categorized that this is advanced material that is interesting to observe. 

Complete enough isn't it? What other reason for you not to learn? Being a programmer must hold principles: Grow or be left behind.