You should Install the package when creating a Project API in Laravel

You should Install the package when creating a Project API in Laravel

After my previous writing about Laravel 5.5 LTS is Now Released with New Features  This time we will talk about the package you should install when creating project API at Laravel.
Who would not know the term package? In the current framework, package widely used to help speed up the process of development, as with the package you no longer need to create a function that you want from the beginning or in other words the package is a library that is ready to use.

The present application that features API is much tolerated because with this service you can create an app that can communicate with other applications from the application web-based and mobile and others. Laravel is one of the best frameworks for building applications based API. He offers the speed of development with a large community of support around the world. Laravel supports the use of the composer that allows you to add some package to speed up the process of development. Here is some useful package you should install when you want to create an application based API.

1. Barryvdh/laravel-debugbar

Debugging is the most important process in development. Debugging is the process of identifying the problem, looking for the source of the problem and then fix the problem. Laravel is a package for debugbar an allows you to do debugging quickly during the process of development. Laravel is a package for debugbar an integrating PHP Debug Bar with Laravel 5.

2. Tymondesign/jwt-auth

Authentication is the process of verifying the user to recognize and permit a user who has been granted the permission to access a particular page which is private. For convenience, you should use a standard method for JWT as the authentication process. JWT (JSON Web Token) is a token in the form of JSON for authentication and secure data exchange.

3. Zizaco/entrust

ACL (Access Control List) is a system that is set up to give access rights to each user. By default, Laravel has had the ACL named Gate. Gate is the name of the class, and the facade can be used to create an ACL, but still impressed difficult, then we can use the package so that it can be directly applied. Zizaco/entrust is a package for an ACL that is used a lot. Then there is no harm to be used as an option to accelerate the process of development. 

4. Spatie/laravel-fractal

Paramount in making FIRE is the response that is generated. Laravel comes with ORM called Eloquent who have shaped by default output JSON or array. If you create a response to one or two table using Eloquent not matter which means, but what if we want to make the response of many of the table? Of course, it would be very inconvenient. Fractal is present to provide solutions for creating the response to fire you. Fractal able to handle complex data. Fractal is equipped with the facade to be able to integrate it easily on your Laravel project.

5. Webpatser/laravel-uuid

UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) is a string that contains 128-bit characters, include numbers and letters. Any line that is generated is unique, to guarantee the uniqueness of the data you will get. UUID can secure your system when the use of access data. Webpatser/Laravel – uuid is a package to generate a UUID corresponds to standard RFC 4122.

6. Intervention/image

Intervention Image is a library for handling and manipulating images in PHP which gives ease in create, edit, and manipulate the images. The package includes a Service Provider, and its Facade is so easy to be integrated. 

7. Davibennun/laravel-push-notification

A push notification is a message that appears automatically on the screen of a smartphone. The owner of the app can send these messages at any time although not smartphone owners are open the app in question. There is a lot of information that is transmitted through push notification, such as a sports match results information, ask users to do things like download discount coupons, information about exciting events like a sale at a mall, etc. Davibennun/Laravel-push-notification is a package to send a push notification is easy to use. This package also supports the push notification service APNS (apple) and the GCM (google).

8. Spatie/laravel-backup

The last thing that matters most is giving priority to backups on your project. In Laravel, there is a package called Laravel-backup that can help you maintain reserves of your application. The resulting backup horns-the zip file that contains all files in the directory you also with a database that you have. The backups will be stored in the filesystem you have set. You can also create backups to multiple filesystems at once.