ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities

Not the ASUS ROG its name when its products are not set aside for premium grade gamers. However, this time the ASUS ROG showing something different at Computex event 2018 were held on June 4, 2018, in Taipei, Taiwan. At the event, along with some premium gaming products for the PC, the ASUS ROG Phone, smartphones introduce a special gaming with the ability to surprise.

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities
ASUS ROG Phone is a smartphone that is made specifically for gaming.

Starting from the exterior to the Interior, all that is in the ROG Phone designed specifically for gaming heavyweights, according to the image held the Republic of Gaming to date. In fact, ROG Phone also introduces several enhancements that will support the smartphone gaming capabilities, both in terms of performance as well as the convenience of its users.

The Power Of Enhanced Chip For Gaming

The seriousness of the ASUS ROG to render the Phone as a premium gaming smartphone is clearly visible on the improvement that he did on the chipset in them. Despite using the same chipset with another smartphone, that Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, 845 ROG Phone upgrade it further. Chips with eight core CPU and Adreno Kryo 630 the graphics set specifically for gaming.
Chipset made exclusively for the Phone produces ROG clock speed up to 2.96 GHz. That is, its velocity is 200MHz above standard chips that are on the market today. Thus, the gameplay by using the ROG Phone seems to be a very comfortable even on the latest games though.
To save battery power when not in use playing games, ROG Phone will reduce the clock speed of Snapdragon 845 massively when idle. Thus, the use of the battery chip that should be small and wasteful this smartphone can be used for a long time outside of gaming.

The First Gaming Smartphone With Cooling System

One thing that surprised us from ROG Phone is the existence of a dedicated cooling system specifically for gaming. Because as you may also know, play the game is a very heavy work for the chip, and it causes the temperature be increased drastically. Often we feel uncomfortable when playing games because smartphones become very hot, and can also degrade the performance of gaming. ASUS solve the problem by adding an external cooling system.

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities

Yes, an external cooling system owned ROG Phone, called the GameCool system is a separate tool that can be installed on Smartphones. The cooling system will drain heat from the chip out of the Agency through the 3D Vapor Chamber designed specifically for ROG. There is also an additional Cooler AeroActive system breathed heat to the back of the smartphone to speed up the cooling of the chip. Interestingly, the GameCool system seems to be given directly on the sales package so the buyer can directly use it Phone ROG without out extra money.

Fitted High-Capable Screen

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities

The ability of the Phone chip ROG high turn out is also supported by its screen. So that gamers do not feel any drop in frame rate when playing the game, this completes the gaming smartphone screen 6 math. with 90Hz. That is, the refresh rate is about 50 percent higher than the usual smartphone screen. This is certainly going to be very pronounced when playing games and action games with high speed.

Interestingly, ROG Phone turns out to be using the AMOLED screen response speed is equal to the monitor class esports competition ROG Swift PG258Q. Not only that, the quality of its color also be guaranteed with the use of a wide color gamut, reaching 108.6% color space from the DCI-P3 class cinema. According to the given specification of ASUS, the screen is able to produce a contrast ratio 10000:1 and HDR support. It seems that this gaming smartphone user will be pampered with sharp and natural colors.

Increase Interaction With The Game Through AirTrigger

The game is often played using landscape orientation, especially for games with complex controls such as the RPG, fighting, and action. To further improve the response between your finger and the game, ROG Phone use the touch screen which is very sensitive, capable of detecting even a finger wrapped gloves. Not only that, ASUS has also added AirTrigger function on some corner of a smartphone even more sensitive again against touch.
AirTrigger is the ultrasonic button that can react with just 20 grams of pressure so that even a light touch will be translated into movement. His position is at two corners on the left side, with a very precise positioning of the fingers, and another in the right bottom corner to improve response when using portrait orientation. Each AirTrigger can be customized with various functions, for example for macros within the game, and also for non-gaming like launching apps with instant.

So that the experience of playing games higher, ROG Phone also improves the ability to provide feedback so that the vibrations are the same as on a console controller. The position of the cable to the charger port also added on the right side so that the cord does not interfere with Smartphones when play games in landscape orientation. The port was also used by the AeroActive Cooler cooling system as well as providing an additional port for charger and headphones.

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities

Featured outside of Gaming

The ability of the ROG Phone turns out to be not only the centralized on gaming only. This Smartphone also comes with a variety of non-gaming features to users, such as the existence of 8 GB of RAM and storage support UFS 2.1 up to 512 GB. The use of the ratio of screen 18:9 make this smartphone become leaner and easily held in everyday use.

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities
Its screen is equipped also with Gorilla Glass 6 to protect it from damage. While his body is equipped with a water-resistant so that the premium smartphone safe from infiltration liquid from the outside.

For the reproductive ability of her voice, ROG Phone has dual speakers facing forward, equipped with Smart technology Amp in order to produce a large volume without distortion. In addition, you can also use headphones or headset ROG Delta Type-C is the latest from ASUS, which was able to produce virtual surround sound.

In the TLG, ROG Phone equipped by Gigabit LTE and WiGig-certified 802.11 Wi-Fi ad 60GHz with 2 × 2 MIMO WiFi and Direct. Port side of this smartphone also supports Gigabit Ethernet through Type-C, plus HDMI and USB.
So that ability of charger ROG Phone more, you can add the HyperCharge adapters. The charger IC adds the ability to enhance the capability of charging up to 20W and lowering the temperature when charging. ROG Phone battery can charge up to 60% possession 4000mAh for 33 minutes and 85% for an hour.

For security, ROG Phone has the fingerprint reader to unlock. There is also a dual rear camera is capable of capturing images of the 12MP camera, and a secondary 8MP with wide-angle 120 degrees.

ASUS ROG Phone, Smartphones Special Gaming With Powerful Capabilities

The logo that is on the back of ROG Phone using typical ROG, that is RGB capable lights lit up with colors that you set yourself. The lights can also be synced with other five ROG Phone wirelessly so that the light is out of step with other members of the team of gamers.


ASUS ROG Phone not just simply launch the smartphone premium gaming event at Computex. Smartphone gaming is also supported with a few enhancements that further improve its value as a gaming device. The first is the Mobile Desktop Dock which can be plugged into the Phone and made it the Centre of ROG from desktop systems. These devices provide the ability to connect with monitors 4 k, Gigabit Ethernet, 5.1 channel speakers, and some USB slots. Through the device, you can also use the keyboard and mouse to play on Smartphones.

The next device is TwinView Dock, which conjures ROG Phone into a handheld console. A very perceptible is the existence of a second screen that can be used to display the screen in addition to the game, such as maps, inventory, and other important information without having to interfere with the screen. You can also find the existence of a controller such as handheld console next to the side of the device. Thus, you can increasingly feel like playing console, plus the presence of vibration feedback when playing. The device also found the presence of cooler systems and batteries to increase time 6000mAh main ye.

As for the next device, WiGig Dock can be used to connect an additional screen in the TwinView Dock to the TV, with the help of WiFi 802.11 and 60GHz. Through the wireless connection, you can see the game you in the wide-screen TV. With the help of third-party GameVice, ROG Phone will be transformed into a gamepad to control his games on TV.