Cheap Android phones are selling user data?

Cheap Android phones are selling user data?
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 The Affairs of the privacy and security of user data so many things taken care of lately. Not only talked about in the United States, in developing countries, data privacy also begin so the spotlight.

Based on a report from The Wall Street Journal, a cheap Android Smartphones called Singtech P10 sold in Myanmar and Cambodia have been secretly collecting data from its users.

It gets worse again, the smartphone sell collected data to the advertising company called General Mobile Corp. (GMobi) in Taiwan.

In its report, The Wall Street Journal mentions, GMobi Taiwan origin based in Shanghai that use the data to send you targeted advertising on the device in question.

GMobi sometimes also share your data with the smartphone maker vendors to help them understand more about its customers.

According to information, some data collected, among others, is the IMEI number, MAC address, and user location data.

The data transmitted through the GMobi application that is installed on the user's device is then sent to a server Gmobi that exist in Singapore.

"They (GMobi) exploits the weaknesses of financial people in developing countries who can't afford a nice device. The device precisely tracked their habits, "said the former Senior Privacy Adviser in the White House Office of Management and Budget Per Mark Groman as quoted SyachRo.NET from Android Central, Tuesday (10/7/2018).

Cheap Android phones are selling user data?
Illustration of Android (iStockPhoto)
Not only is mobile application courtesy of GMobi, a number of other popular applications in Android also collects user data, such as contact lists, as well as the location of the user. Even so, so our users are aware of the information can be stolen, they can remove the application in question.

"GMobi Software installed on Smartphones and can be removed only through certain technical measures," he said.

Based on the foreign media's search, the page GMobi mentions his company is working with device manufacturers such as China's Huawei, Xiaomi, and BLU.

But the smartphone vendors reject the third claim Gmobi. All three denied has teamed up with Gmobi. In fact, the previous BLU known to have an affinity with the rival GMobi named Adups.

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