Google accused of allowing third-parties to read Gmail User's Inboxes

The Gmail Application. (Doc: BGR)
Gmail users got shocked by the latest report from The Wall Street Journal. In the report, it was revealed that the Developer of the third-party application turns out to be able to read millions of the user's email. This can be done because after Gmail access allows companies and application developers see the email of the person and personal details of the user. Details include the address of the recipient, delivery time, and the content of the message.
Answer the anxiety of users, Google soon reacts and respond to such reports. Through the uploads on the blog, the company ensured its commitment check out third parties who have access to sensitive data in Gmail.

"Before the non-Google applications can access a message in Gmail, they passed several stages of checking first, either automatically or manually," wrote Director of Security, Trust, and Privacy Google Cloud Suzanne Frey.

Checking is done to know that the application is working in accordance with the description given. Therefore, the application must be fully explained in its services and cannot perform actions deviate.

"Application only asks for data that is required for the specific function they are nothing more than that and should be explained also how that data is used," wrote Frey describes.

Quoted from The Verge, Wednesday (4/7/2018), Frey also recommends that users can maintain the data safely. One of them is by making sure ahead of time what information was collected before the application gives access.

"Users can also utilize the function of Security Checkup to find out what devices that use their accounts, what third-party applications get access, including permissions that belong to each of the applications," he writes.

Google also made sure not to scan email users to display ads. The company calls Although Gmail users could get ads, does not mean that your ad is shown based on the contents of the email users.

Google turned out to Share an Email user to the Developer Application
Gmail WEB Interfaces
Earlier, reports The Wall Street Journal, called Gmail access settings allow companies and application developers see the email of the person and the user's personal details, including the address of the recipient and message content. Application-the application that created the developer that's actually required to obtain the consent of users to access email. Unfortunately, it is not explained whether a human or a computer that can access the user's emails to Gmail.

Google mentions only give access to third-party developers to check the data with the consent of the user. The inspection process includes an examination of corporate identity. In this case, if the company in question represented by the application, as the privacy policy stated will monitor email.

According to Google, the data requested is reasonable enough companies to see what company. Email applications, for example, should get access to Gmail. Google says, some developers have applied for access Gmail, but Google has not given permission.
Unfortunately, the internet giant that does not mention how much the company requesting access to Gmail. In the report, mentioned the possibility of Google employees has read an email user.

"But it's only in a few special cases, for example when we give permission, or for security purposes such as bug or abuse investigation," Google said.

Many Applications Access Gmail Account
Gmail Go (Source: Phone Arena)
However, there are many applications that can access the user's personal email. Starting from Salesforce to Microsoft Office that had direct access open document inserted in the email. Hence, how to know whether a third-party application can read user emails? One of which can be known from the photo below, i.e. when there is a request for entering the email Gmail to applications.
Example When the third-party Application Request for Entering Gmail
It is likely the user has given permission for the application to read the email property of the user. Not only is Google with Gmail, other email services also provide similar access to third-party application developers. In addition, some companies "trusted", including email management company Return Path and Edison Software also have the opportunity to access thousands of email account users.

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