How to protect your eyes when using gadgets? Check out these tips!

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In an age of rapid technological development as it is now, can not be denied again if the gadget has become a necessity for everyone.

Many of which cannot be separated from the gadget. In addition, Office work also requires employees to interact with a computer screen for at least eight hours a day.
This condition is obviously very harmful to the health of the eyes. Distraction from often stared at the screen gadgets and computers in them such as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), asthenopia and dry eye.
Therefore, the following are some tips for maintaining eye health.

How To Maintain Eye Health
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1. When doing a job that requires you to stare at the screen for long periods of time, you should take a break every 30 minutes and punctuated with remote viewing activity.
Don't be so focused on the computer screen, an occasional look at the corner of the room or look out the window. This is to divert attention so as not to overly focus on the computer screen.

2. Don't do the work at close range continuously. This is because when you work a job at close range, your eyes will be accommodation and if this continues, it can cause eyes to become easily tired.

3. Staring at the screen will unconsciously make a reflex blink we are reduced. This condition can cause dry eye.
Therefore try a wink on a regular basis as long as you stare at the monitor screen to avoid dry eyes and irritation.

4. At the time of the break, try to see objects that are far away. One of them is doing gentle exercise to stretch the muscles of the shoulders and neck in order to prevent computer vision syndrome (CVS).

5. Note also the distance while using gadgets. The ideal distance is 30 to 40 cm and makes sure the position of the gadget is not aligned with the position of the eye.
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6. Ideally, the use of a laptop/computer and gadget should be limited for two hours every day.

7. Lighting for your computer must not be too bright, because it can make your eyes feel tired easily

8. In addition, the lighting in the room must also be advised not to contrast with lighting computer.
Avoid the room dimmed because it can cause excessive contrast. Well, this condition will make uncomfortable eyes.

9. Try to watch the ideal which is about four to five times the diagonal TV.

10. In addition to watching TV, staring at a computer screen, gadgets, consider the ideal distance as you read the book. Avoid the habit of reading a book while lying down or in minimal light.

11. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin A like a carrot. eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients and will surely make your eyes become more healthy.

12. Do gymnastics and massage around eyes. This can help maintain the health of the eyes and reduces eye fatigue. With a good eye massage, will certainly make blood circulation more smoothly in the area.

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