The Biggest Asteroids in Solar System's Approach Earth, is it Dangerous?

The Biggest Asteroids in Solar System's Approach Earth, is it Dangerous?
Illustration of the asteroid's trajectory towards Earth. (Source Pixabay)
Asteroid approaching Earth back issues arise. This time, a giant asteroid is rumored to be back approaching Earth. Asteroid named Vesta it claimed to be the fourth-largest asteroid in the solar system. It was so large; it has a total surface area of 800 thousand square kilometers, or equivalent to Pakistan, and also four times wider than the United Kingdom with a size of 242,495 square kilometers.
NASA itself acknowledges if Vesta is one of the largest asteroids in the solar system. The space object is believed to be approaching the Earth until July 16, 2018. Just FYI, the asteroid Vesta is a space object found since the 17th century, precisely in 1807.

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) justify it if the asteroid Vesta will find Earth but within the still relatively far away. In conclusion, the Earth still safe and will not get the distance from the mean risk.

It is estimated, a distance of asteroid about 80 times the distance of Earth and the moon. For the calculation, the distance of the Earth with the month only reached 384,400 kilometers. While its position close to the Earth, Vesta will seem bright when viewed from Earth. The asteroid light can even look up the scale of magnitude 5.3. No matter that can only be seen with a telescope.

This strategy will be used in NASA'S if Asteroid Approaching Earth
The Biggest Asteroids in Solar System's Approach Earth, is it Dangerous?
Illustration of the asteroid Didymos (ESA – Science Office)
Though it cannot yet be declared dangerous, the threat of asteroids that could fall to the Earth is already so the spotlight for NASA. The United States Space Agency had also wanted to develop a 'special weapons' to destroy this space object if approaching the Earth.

The latest, NASA has just been discussing with the Government of the United States and the White House to decide the best strategy if the asteroid approaching Earth later. According to that reported by The Independent, NASA also exerting his scientists to scrutinize the object nearest the Earth's space by measuring and estimating the risk.

NASA's Planetary Defence Officer disclosed Lindley Johnson, scientists have found about 95% of Near-Earth objects (close to Earth) with a size of one kilometer or more. However, not all get into danger status for now. Until now, NASA has collected about 18,310 space objects of all sizes. They utilize a telescope to monitor the movement of asteroids and will commemorate the Earth if the object approaches the orbit.

Asteroid-Crushing Weapons
The Biggest Asteroids in Solar System's Approach Earth, is it Dangerous?
Illustration of the Bennu asteroids (NASA)
As for NASA's asteroid-crushing weapon is a small spacecraft with guns to destroy the asteroid to pieces. NASA to uncover the weapons, called DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) belong to him it will be finished and ready to be flown into space in October 2022. The task of the DART will be floated on the route already set up NASA to find two binary asteroids that will be destroyed, i.e. Didymos A and Didymos B. they are often called by the nickname twin asteroids, and already is the object that also can be risky hit the Earth. "Two of the asteroid that would be the first target of the DART," said Tom DART Statler, a scientist at NASA. 

"Didymos B there in orbit near Didymos A. Therefore, it is very easy to find both. This experiment will not change their distance approaching Earth," continued Statler. DART will use onboard target system, in which DART will approach the Didymos B and fired guns to destroy it in the speed of 3.7 miles per second. After that, the DART will be vying for Didymos A.

"DART is the most critical step in demonstrating how we can protect our planet from the threat of asteroids," said Andy Cheng, one of the scientists from Johns Hopkins Laboratory DART.
"We're not too know what kind of internal structure and composition of natural objects such as asteroids. Thus, Didymos was not the only asteroid so target DARTS," he explains.

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