Timehop Data Breach: Exposes details of 21 Million Users' Personal Data

Timehop logo illustration. (Photo: Timehop)
Remember Timehop? Certainly a hard for you move on and often see a collection of past posts must be very familiar with this application. Yes, not long Timehop bring less good.

Such applications are known to have just barely divulged user data. The number is very much. There are about 21 million at-risk leaked user data by company.

Reported by "Business Insider" on Tuesday (10/7/2018), a company based in New York, United States (USA) it claims to be if they could just be negligent and did not realize the data stolen is not liable if it does not remove access tokens.

Yes, access tokens already became the main problem of the risk of leakage of the data.

Just FYI, the access tokens are a special token allows the application shows the old posts from social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

"Unfortunately, this Token allows parties not responsible for social media posts can see the users," said Timehop in his official statement.

Be aware this could jeopardize the privacy, exposing the Timehop if they had to remove the token.

The Timehop statement actually made a number of parties concerned, given the risk of data leakage is a concern since December 2017, while new companies aware of it this month.
But until recently, they guarantee no data exposure and utilized the party not liable.

The company also outlines a number of data such as name, email address, and telephone number of the 21 million users are already secured. As for personal messages and financial data confirmed it does not leak.

The new feature of Facebook, On This Day (photo: Ist)
so, why is the access tokens at risk of leaking user data?
The company describes the tokens, access turns out to be accessed in the cloud platform, which is not protected by two-factor authentication methods (two-factor authentication).

"The risk of this happening because it was token access cloud and not covered by multi-factor authentication, but we have taken a number of steps — including multi-factor authentication enable — to secure everything," close Timehop.

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