Wow, The Space Nation Asgardia Now Has The First President

Wow, The Space Nation Asgardia Now Has The First President
The design of the Asgardia Country
Remember Asgardia? that some time had to make a scene? Yes, Asgardia is the first country to stand in the space.

The country was founded by a scientist named Russia origin Igor Ashurbeyli. Asgardia also had a population of candidate selection process. In fact, more than half a million inhabitants of Earth who wanted to become a citizen of Asgardia.

The latest information, Asgardia now even have a President. In a celebratory event held at Vienna's Hofburg Palace, Asgardia introduces its first President.

The first Asgardia President is none other than the founder Asgardia i.e. Igor Ashurbeyli. Thus, as quoted SyachRo.NET from, Thursday (5/7/2018).

For information, last year launched its first satellite Asgardia. Although the size of a loaf of bread, the satellite store data about citizens and members of its Constitution.

Shortly before the inauguration, Ashurbeyli as President, 150 parliamentary Member Asgardia from around the world met for the first time.

The Big Plans President's for Asgardia
Wow, The Space Nation Asgardia Now Has The First President
The figure behind the Asgardia, Igor Ashurbeyli (source:
As CEO and President, Asgardia Ashurbeyli had big plans for his country. One of them is the motto of the different themes of humanity.

"Our motto is "one humanity, one unity". This kind of unity is unlikely to materialize on Earth, because the Earth, humanity is separated by an invisible limitation. For example, political or religious constraints. In Asgardia, all humans are united" he said.

Ashurbeyli also answered questions concerning the territorial area of Asgardia, the i.e. Asgardia-1 satellite had been launched.

Ashurbeyli mentions, at least there was already an informal connection with 16 countries in the world.

"We hope there is a formal agreement within six months ahead, ambassadors from 20 countries also was present at the inauguration. The process will begin immediately after the formation of the Foreign Ministry," he said.

About Igor Ashurbeyli
Wow, The Space Nation Asgardia Now Has The First President
Not just because of boredom, which made the girls prefer living in Asgardia than in the Earth. (Photo:
Ashurbeyli is known as one of the top brass of Socium, a software and consulting company that was founded in 1988. For a long time, he was known as someone who is interested in a number of space exploration programs.

In 2010, he managed to get the highest honorary title that can be obtained scientists from the Government of Russia's. After that, he was awarded the gold medal from UNESCO for his contribution in the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Ashurbeyli first unveils a project Asgardia in October 2016. Following the announcement, at the start of this year, Asgardia officially opened registration as a candidate for the inhabitants of the country.

"Physically, the citizen (Asgardia) will be on the Earth and they live in different countries. On the other hand, they will also become citizens of Asgardia," he said when first uncovering the project Asgardia.

He plans to ask Asgardia to be recognized as a State to the United Nations after reaching 100,000 applicants. At that time, he strongly believes, as soon as the Asgardia became part of the United Nations, the State of nationality would be very prestigious.

The plan can be said to have exceeded expectations. So far, the Asgardia have been verifying more than 200 thousands of would-be citizens, who come from more than 200 countries.

For those who were recruited as citizens, they would have pocketed a certificate Asgardia and officially became the Asgardian, but still, have the status of dual-citizenship.

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